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Wanderlust: A Yogini and a Van

A Seed is Planted. Growing up in a small rural town in Virginia I'd daydream about the future of who I wanted to be, where I might go, and how I'd live. I was eight years old when my dad proposed the idea to my mom to drive my sister and me to his hometown Brooklyn, NY. It was our first road trip together, just the girls with dad.

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Journey of El Feather

As a kid being picked up, I would hear them say, "You're light as a feather!" Somewhat puzzled by what that even meant then, I've come to see it as breadcrumbs along the path. The evolution of feathers from then until now in my life has been a gift to understand Self through observation and the study of our surroundings, nature, and particularly animal guides. Feathers continue to guide me as well as the birds themselves. Becoming naturally interested in knowing more about [...]

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